Business Intelligence Management System
Terms and conditions for using SuperCont system

1. SuperCont system

SuperCont is an informatics system made by Cristian Păuna and developed by Algorithm Invest.

SuperCont is a real-time business intelligence management system designed to analyze the price evolution of twenty international financial markets, to find the best investment opportunities, to generate real-time buying and selling signals, and to send the signals into the brokerage informatics systems to be used by each user to generate profit into his own capital accounts. Any individual or corporate investor can use the SuperCont system to make a profit in his own accounts, according to all these terms and conditions.

From the beginning, any reader must understand that SuperCont is only a market analyzer, using the market data provided by each user. SuperCont is NOT a brokerage system, and it is not providing financial services. SuperCont provides only information technology signals sent directly to the brokerage system chosen by each user. That brokerage system manages the user's money deposited in the user's capital account. Also, the brokerage system receives the investment signals from SuperCont, and using the user's choice, options, and credentials, transforms the signals into market orders and executes them in order to make a profit. SuperCont sends information technologies data through a real-time data stream, and the brokerage system, chosen by the user, receives that data and transforms it, at the user's will, into financial services, in order to generate profit in the user's account. Algorithm Invest is only an information technology company developing SuperCont, it is not providing brokerage or financial services, it is not a bank, and nor a financial institution.

A SuperCont user rents the SuperCont system on its own by his own will, and uses it by contract for its own purpose, with its own configuration and choices, installing the system into his own capital accounts, opened at brokerage companies chosen by its own selection. In this way, each user can generate a profit using the investment signals provided by SuperCont. For this purpose, each user will pay a percentage of the realized profit, according to all these terms and conditions. Anyone who does not agree with this, or any other term or conditions presented below, can close this page and forget that SuperCont exists. This site is not addressed to any person or company from any country where the informatics services provided by Algorithm Invest through SuperCont are against the law or against specific local customs or behavior. The information included in this site is not targeted at the general public of any specific country and is not intended for distribution to residents in any jurisdiction where the current content would be unlawful or contravene regulatory requirements.

2. SuperCont copyright

Cristian Păuna owns the full copyright of SuperCont. Cristian Păuna is the only author of the software, the only author of all mathematical algorithms included in the software, and the only author of the SuperCont informatics system. Cristian Păuna works continuously at SuperCont since 13 April 1998, and the system is online from this date. No one can pretend that owns full or partial copyright of the SuperCont system, or copyright of components, procedures, or data included in the SuperCont system. Cristian Păuna is also the only SuperCont system administrator. Anyone can contact Cristian Păuna by email at or by phone at +407.4003.0000.

Algorithm Invest is the only company that received the right to host, develop and distribute the SuperCont system. The author, Cristian Păuna, has granted, by contract, this right to Algorithm Invest for an indefinite period of time, starting with the date of 04.04.2019. Algorithm Invest also owns by contract full commercial right to rent the SuperCont system to any individual or corporate clients. Algorithm Invest received, also by contract, all responsibilities to protect and to ensure the security of the SuperCont informatics system. Also by contract, the author has instructed that the SuperCont system is not for sale. Any individual or corporate client can use the SuperCont system only by renting it, and accessing it on the Algorithm Invest servers, under a signed and strict agreement. Moreover, Cristian Păuna, the author of the SuperCont system, has instructed by contract that Algorithm Invest will rent the system to anyone who want to use SuperCont only for its own purpose. An individual or a corporate client that wants to use SuperCont for another person or company will be restricted from the system. With this limitation condition, the author wants to be sure that SuperCont will generate only information technology services, and will not be used for another commercial purpose.

3. SuperCont services

SuperCont system can be used by any individual or corporate client that has at least one capital account opened with a regulated brokerage company. The client rents SuperCont system through a specific software rental agreement signed with Algorithm Invest. The client will set up by contract the SuperCont system in direct connection with his brokerage account. The client carries out the whole responsibility of using SuperCont in his account. The client is managing his capital using the information provided by SuperCont. Also, the client is choosing the brokerage company who hosts and manages the capital account and provides financial services for the client.

At the client's request, the SuperCont system will automatically deliver the next information technologies data services:
- automatic real-time data research of twenty capital markets using original artificial intelligence procedures and algorithms.
- investment opportunities identification on twenty international financial markets using market data provided by the client.
- buying and selling signals assembly, signals defined by the date and time, and buy and sell price level on each capital market.
- transmitting the investment signals into the brokerage informatics system chosen by the client, to be used in the client's account.

The investment data signals mentioned above refer to opportunities for:
- the purchase of shares, stock indices, currencies, commodities, or bonds, in the form of contracts for differences on the capital markets, for the subsequent sale at higher prices, to make a profit.
- the selling of shares, stock indices, currencies, commodities, or bonds, in the form of contracts for differences on the capital markets, for the subsequent buy at lower prices, to make a profit.
- the opening of balanced investment positions of sale and buy (hedging), in the form of contracts for differences, to protect and limit the losses due to unexpected evolution of price quotations.
- the opening of the recovery investment position to cover negative investment positions made by the client in his capital account as a result of the unexpected evolution of the markets.
- the opening of the recovery investment position to cover the possible losses registered in the client's capital account as a result of the unfavorable evolution of the market quotations.

Also, the SuperCont system provide to each client information technology services for:
- automatic transmission of investment signals in the brokerage information system chosed by the client.
- capital balance, capital exposure, and capital profit or loss real-time reporting in favor of the client.
- informatic services to permits the full control of the client at the investment buying and selling signals.
- informatic services for real-time control by the client by stoping or starting any of the analyzed markets.
- informatic services for real-time display of the graph of capital balance and capital exposure evolution in time.
- informatic services for planning a structured investment plan for each capital account managed by the client.
- informatic services for comparative analysis of the capital evolution in time of the client's capital balance.
- informatic services for real-time reporting os any SuperCont or contractual issues or requests by the client.

4. SuperCont access

Any individual or corporate client who has signed a SuperCont rental services agreement with one of the Algorithm Invest subsidiaries has a username and a password, communicated by contract, to access the SuperCont system. A user can access the SuperCont system if he passes to a three-factor authentication procedure:

IP firewall
At the first level, the user has to access the SuperCont system from an internet connection with an IP address registered in the SuperCont firewall. A Supercont user can set an IP into the SuperCont firewall by sending the IP address value by SMS or WhatsApp at the number +407.4003.0000. The IP value must be sent as it is (ex: without any other words included in the message, in order to be automatically recognized as an IP address by the SuperCont system. If the SuperCont system knows the phone number from the IP value that was sent, that IP value will be configured in the SuperCont firewall and will be assigned to the SuperCont user that has sent the message.

Note that only a valid existing SuperCont user can set an IP in the SuperCont firewall. Also, note that any user can have only one IP value registered in the firewall at a time. Any valid SuperCOnt user can send anytime an IP value to be added to the SuperCont firewall. Please note that the IP communication depends on the SMS or WhatsApp provider, and from time to time can imply some delays. To decrease the effort and time spending with IP firewall allocation, any SuperCont user can ask his internet provider for an internet connection with a fixed IP. This is a common task today and will increase the connectivity efficiency of the user. As an exception, if an IP-value was included in the blacklist by the SuperCont author, that IP value will not be set in the firewall, and an error message will be sent to the user. After an IP value was set up in the SuperCont firewall, by a simple refresh page, the user will find available the fields to use its credentials. Note that the IP SuperCont firewall is designed to avoid unauthorized access to the main SuperCont servers of any scammers or hackers. No SuperCont user can log in to the system, without having a recorded IP into the firewall.

User credentials
By contract, each SuperCont user will receive a username and an initial password to access SuperCont. The user can use the username and password to login into the SuperCont system, after the IP firewall setup. The user can change the initial password anytime, by accessing the "SuperCont user settings" option under the main SuperCont menu. From time to time, the SuperCont administrator can ask each SuperCont user to change the password, for security reasons. Note that if a SuperCont user forgot its password, he can ask for help anytime by email at

SMS access code
After the credentials are confirmed by the SuperCont system, the user will ask for a SuperCont access code by pressing the "Send SMS" button. An SMS with a unique SuperCont access code will be sent to the user's mobile phone number. The user will insert that code into the "access code" field and will finish the log-in procedure by pressing the "Login" button. By these terms and conditions, Cristian Păuna, the author and administrator of the SuperCont system, reserves the right to block or to exclude from the SuperCont system any user that will use SuperCont otherwise that a normal utilization, any user that will try to copy the SuperCont source files, any user that will send a huge amount of requests per second by a repetitive pressing of a refresh button. Note that the activity in SuperCont of any user is supervised and analyzed by the SuperCont administrator, to assure a fluent functionality of the system for anyone is using it.

5. SuperCont agreement

Any individual or corporate client can use SuperCont for its own purpose by renting the system from one of the subsidiaries of Algorithm Invest. The software rental agreement will establish all the commercial terms, the price for the rental services, invoicing periods, and payment details. To sign a contract, an individual client must present a copy of his valid passport or identity card, and a document proving his fiscal address. For the corporate clients, the incorporation certificate is required, together with a paper prooving the nominee directors, a copy of a valid passport of the signing director, and a document proving the company address, no older than 90 days. To ask for a SuperCont rental agreement, the client will send by email all the above papers at together with a clear explanation about who or what recommends the client as an investor using SuperCont. A compliance department will analyze the request and will answer back.

Once signed a SuperCont rental agreement, the client will have access to the SuperCont system and will be able to add his own accounts to beneficiate from SuperCont services. If o capital account is added in the first 30 days of a new rental agreement, the contract will be automatically terminated with no duty between parties, and the SuperCont access will be restricted. For marketing purposes, Algorithm Invest can sign agreements with marketing promoters or marketing companies that will present the SuperCont system to new clients. If into a marketing agreement no new client is added into a period of 365 days, the contract will be terminated with no duty between parties, and the SuperCont access will be restricted. By these terms and conditions, Cristian Păuna, the author of the Software and administrator of Algorithm Invest, reserves the right to close any SuperCont rental agreement if the client doesn't respect one of the signed clauses, if the client doesn't use the SuperCont according to these terms and conditions, or if the client's don't respect the good standing business rules.

6. SuperCont connectivity

SuperCont is an independent stand-alone informatics system. It receives as data streams the market data from the brokerage company chosen by each client and current capital data from the client's account. Based on the market data streams, the Supercont system analyzes the probability for a price increase on each of the twenty markets included in the system. Once identified an investment opportunity, a buy or sell signal is assembled and sent by the SuperCont in the brokerage informatics system, in connection with the client's capital account. The input and output SuperCont data exchanged with the brokerage system are carried through a real-time low-latency data connection named SuperCont socket. For each account included in SuperCont, a socket connection is used. The number of sockets for the same brokerage company is limited by the SuperCont author, in order to obtain a low-latency response for the entire system functionality and for each of the accounts included in the system. The low latency of the entire informatics system is a requirement asked by the real-time functionality of SuperCont. An order that arrived too late in the brokerage account will be ignored or executed at the worst price, reducing in this way the entire system efficiency. Once the socket number is limited for the connection with a brokerage company, the clients are asked to reserve a Supercont socket before opening a capital account with a brokerage company. Note that the SuperCont socket is a data connection in the SuperCont informatics system, and it is not a property of the brokerage company. For this reason, asking a SuperCont socket to a brokerage company has non-sense. Any client having a signed SuperCont rental agreement can ask for a SuperCont socket reservation by email at

7. SuperCont accounts

A client having a signed SuperCont rental agreement can link the system with his capital account opened with one of the following brokerage companies:,,,,,,,,,,,, and Please note that the brokerage companies are listed above in alphabetical order. There is no one better than others, as there is no perfect brokerage company. SuperCont is optimized to work with accounts opened at each brokerage company from the above list, and the efficiency is almost the same. Also please note that each brokerage company has its own names for different types of capital accounts. Not all types are compatible with the SuperCont system. Before opening a capital account ask about the account type needed, depending on the brokerage company chosen by each client. Also, please, do not ask which brokerage company is better!! SuperCont works fine with any included in the below list. Any client has to choose one with his own thinking means!

Any account included in SuperCont is a margin trading account using CFD (contract for difference) to buy or sell on specific capital markets. Depending on the account's leverage, in SuperCont all accounts are categorized in two types: simple capital account, with leverage lower than 1:100, and professional capital accounts, with the leverage higher or equal with 1:100. The leverage property of a capital account is a measure granted by the brokerage company, depending on each policy and jurisdiction, in some countries special legal restrictions being applicable. As a consequence, anyone who wants a professional capital account must ask for it at the brokerage company he opens that account. From the SuperCont point of view, a professional account permits the opening of more trades with higher volumes, obtaining a higher profit with the same capital account in the same period of time. The estimation is that a professional account obtains about three times more profit than a simple account. Anyway, SuperCont is optimized for each type and works fine for each one. For diversification, in SuperCont can be included capital accounts opened in USD, Euro, or GBP.

8. SuperCont support

Accessed by the main SuperCont menu from the top left corner of the main SuperCont screen, SuperCont support is an interactive interface to communicate between each user and SuperCont administrator. For any issues regarding SuperCont usage or regarding SuperCont rental agreement, any user can open a new ticket. The user can write a message text of a maximum of 500 characters, indicating the problem and what he needs. The ticket arrives instantly to a human operator that will analyze the request and will answer as soon as possible. All tickets opened by a user remain recorded into the SuperCont system, together with the SuperCont solution. When a ticket is still opened in SuperCont, the user is notified by an active sign indicating the number of messages exchanged between the user and the SuperCont system for the active ticket. When the ticket is considered solved by the SuperCont team, it is marked as solved, and it will not be active anymore. Please note that SuperCont support is the only accepted communication interface between an active SuperCont user and the SuperCont support team, starting with 01.06.2021. From this date, any other messages, SMS, or emails sent by an active SuperCont user are ignored. The SuperCont support interface permits us to be notified in real-time about each user's issues and also makes it possible to keep a structured and organized communication.

9. SuperCont adding a new account

Any individual or corporate client having a valid signed SuperCont rental agreement can add an unlimited number of capital accounts in SuperCont. There are only two restrictions: the capital account holder must be the same person or company that has signed the rental SuperCont agreement, and the capital account must include the minimum capital amount, according to the limitations described below in these terms and conditions. Once these two conditions are respected, any user can add a capital account in SuperCont, by opening a SuperCont ticket indicating: the capital account number, the capital account password, the brokerage server address that includes the new capital account. If the user has several SuperCont rental signed agreements, for several companies, he must specify in which agreement will be included the new capital account. The SuperCont support team will verify the compatibility of the new account with the SuperCont system, and will reply as soon as possible. For any new account introduced in the SuperCont system, the client will be asked to present a paper proving the source of his funds deposited in that account. This last request is introduced by the software author to be sure that SuperCont will not be used otherwise than legally. Once the new account is accepted into the SuperCont system, the history communication in the SuperCont support will be considered as an additional document between parties, and from that moment will be part of the SuperCont rental agreement.

10. SuperCont minimal capital

There are some limitations imposed by SuperCont operation regarding the minimum capital amount available into an account. The minimal capital account for which SuperCont is operational is 100000 USD, Euro, or GBP plus the total used capital exposure. In this sense, for any simple capital account with a leverage level lower than 1:100, the minimum capital amount is 120000 USD, Euro, or GBP. For a professional capital account, with leverage higher ir equal with 1:100, the minimum capital amount is 130000 USD, Euro, or GBP. SuperCont will automatically stop delivering the investment signals for those accounts with capital lower than the two limits described above. Accepting these terms and conditions, any client wist a signed SuperCont rental service agreement will manage his own capital in the consequence way, not to decrease the capital under the mentioned limits. On the upside, there is no maximal limit for the capital deposited into a capital account.

11. SuperCont configuration

SuperCont is a fully automated informatics system. The user has only to install a new capital account in the system. The investment opportunities will be found and sent to the client's account second by second. The client has the right and the possibility to stop the automated investment signal by setting "on" or "off" the "SuperCont automated investment signals" option in the account settings section. The account settings section can be accessed from the main SuperCont menu, in the top left corner of the main screen. Also in this section, each SuperCont user has the possibility to ser on or off the signals for each of the twenty markets analyzed by the SuperCont system. These markets are Germany DAX30 index, Dow Jones US30 index, NASDAQ US100 index, S&P US500 index, Switzerland SMI20 index, France CAC40 index, Italy IT40 index, Spain SP35 index, UK FTSE100 index, Australia AUS200 index, Japan NIKKEI225 index, Hong Kong HK50 index, EURUSD currency pair, GBPUSD currency pair, EURJPY currency pair, GBPJPY currency pair, spot gold XAUUSD, spot silver XAGUSD, Germany BUND10 Treasury bonds, and Germany BUXL30 Treasury bonds. Also as options available for each account, on the account settings interface, the user can be set on or off the next services: automatic market entry signals, automatic market exit signals, automatic stop-loss protection signals, automatic target allocation signals, automatic exposure increment signals, and automatic capital distribution signals. Any of these services are individual capabilities of the SuperCont system. Please note that the maximum profitability is gain if all these last six services are set "on".

12. SuperCont algorithms

The main SuperCont facility is data-mining in real-time price series of financial markets. The system includes 122 original data-mining mathematical algorithms optimized for 20 markets. In total, 2440 data-mining procedures work each second to find the best investment opportunities. Cristian Păuna is the author of all these algorithms, some of them being published in the academic world during the Ph.D. research in economic informatics made by the author between 2017 and 2020 years. Anyone can read and analyze the published algorithms at or accesing the publidhed papers by Google Scholar or Research Gate. Completely remarkable are the original algorithms such as Price Cycalicality Function, Volume Cyclicality Function, Price Prediction Line, or Price Probability Predictor, some of them being recognized and awarded with international prizes in 2018 and 2019. A significant part of the algorithm included in SuperCont is still unpublished, the author reserves its right to use them without discovering any information about it. All the algorithms included in SuperCont use about 20000 parameters that are continuously optimized by a machine-learning server each week, depending on the previous market behavior, to be ready and updated for the next week. The SuperCont algorithms are optimized for very short, short, medium, and long-term timeframe. Some of the trades are closed in seconds, another part in a couple of minutes or hours, others after days, and, in special cases, after weeks or months. The SuperCont data-mining process is optimized to obtain maximal profitability in the long term run, being designed as an investment tool.

13. SuperCont capital protection

To build investment signals, SuperCont is not using individual stop-loss protection for each trade. The system is designed to use the "Global Stop Loss Method" published by Cristian Păuna in 2018. The model uses a global stop loss for the entire capital account and opens hedging positions to protect the capital and to limit the losses, at a specified risk level. About 88%-92% of the signals generated by the SuperCont system are closed in time with a profit. For the rest of the signals, recovery signals must be generated in order to close them on zero or with a small profit. For this purpose, 13 different recovery algorithms are included in SuperCont, none of them being published by the author, for obvious reasons of protection. SuperCont does not close a negative position until more positive positions are completely recovering that loss. Using a very high number of algorithms, almost all the time there enough opportunities to recover the losses. When the losses are not recovered, hedging positions are freezing the loss until new opportunities are found and new profit is made for recovery. In the recovery period, SuperCont losses only time, but not capital.

14. SuperCont capital exposure

SuperCont generates and sends investment signals in the brokerage informatic system of each user's account. Depending on the user's choice, the signals can be transformed by the brokerage company into market orders, that are executed almost instantly, resulting in open trades that will be closed later on profit, depending on the further market behavior that will generate further closing signals. Depending on the next period's market behavior, each trade can generate a negative position for a while, until a favorable market price evolution will permit a profitable exit to record a profit. Also, as already presented before, a small part of the signals generated by SuperCont will not be closed on profit by default, it must be recovered by specific procedures before being closed at zero or with a small profit. All of these are parts of normal SuperCont usage and functionality.

The total sum o negative positions opened at a time into a capital account constitutes the active capital exposure. The maximal value of the active capital exposure is defined as the active risk opened into the account, and it is limited by the SuperCont software at a specific percentage of the capital, as follows. For accounts with capital under 200.000 USD, Euro, or GBP, the maximal active risk allocated by SuperCont through all generated investment signals is 10% of the current capital. For a capital higher than 200000 and lower than 300000 USD, Euro or GBP, the maximal active risk allocated by SuperCont is 20% of the current capital. Over 300.000 USD, Euro, or GBP, the active risk allocated by SuperCont is 30% of the current capital. The active risk is measured and dimensioned by the SuperCont system one time at each second, and it is automatically adapted any time depending on the available capital amount in each account. The adaptation is instantly implemented by modifying the new signals that arrive in the brokerage accounts for each account.

From time to time, especially in crisis periods, the maximal active risk set in each account, according to the above percentages is completely used and occupied by a sum of negative positions. Some of these negative positions can be automatically hedged by the SuperCont recovery and protective procedures. In these special cases, an additional capital amount must be used to recover each position and to reduce the active risk from the maximal values to a normal utilization level, which is between 20% and 50% of the maximal risk. For this purpose, the SuperCont system allocates a passive risk, which is also a specific percentage of the current capital amount. For simple capital accounts, with leverage under 1:100, the passive risk used by SuperCont is 10% of the current capital. For professional accounts, with leverage higher than 1:100, the passive risk used by SuperCont is 20% of the current capital amount, The passive risk can be seen as a capital amount kept by SuperCont away from the normal utilization, and it is used only in special cases when the active risk is fully used. The passive risk is also automatically allocated by SuperCont by a subsequent sizing of the new investment signals that will be sent for each capital account. By adding the active and passive risk presented above, the total risk level allocated by Supercont can be 20%, 30%, or 40% of the current capital amount, for simple capital accounts, and 30%, 40%, or 50% of the current capital, for all professional capital accounts. The market risk is entirely the responsibility of the client. Algorithm Invest or its representatives cannot be held responsible for any financial losses registered in the client's accounts as a result of using the SuperCont informatics system. Algorithm Invest provides only access at the SuperCont system that is used by the beneficiary with his entire responsibility, only on his capital accounts, with his own risk, experience and results.

15. SuperCont capital efficiency

The average monthly SuperCont efficiency obtained between 2017 and 2020 is 8.02%, meaning a percentage of at least 4,01% monthly net profit for each client's account. The full performance of the SuperCont informatics system is met for professional capital accounts with capital higher than 1,000,000 USD, Euro, or GBP. For lower capital amounts, the capital efficiency is lower, because not all algorithms included in the SuperCont system are used. The algorithms included in SuperCont are used in proportion of 60% for capital amounts of 120,000, 67% at 200,000, 74% at 300,000, 81% at 500,000, 86% at 800,000 and 100% for capital accounts of 1MM or higher. An additional strategy to increase the capital efficiency of SuperCont is to include in the system three different capital accounts, with equal capitals, deposited in USD, Euro, and GBP. Different periods will generate different efficiency for each one, depending on the quotes evolution of EURUSD and GBPUSD. A combined investment plan will protect the capital for large devaluation of currency exchanges course, and an eventual value loss into an account will be compensated by a value increase on the other accounts.

The SuperCont investment signals efficiency is modified by any capital withdraw. The higher capital withdrawal made into an account, the higher decrease in the capital efficiency results in that account. Anytime are preferred several small capital withdrawals with 5-10 days between, instead a large capital withdraw, one time per month, for example. After each capital withdraws, the capital exposure level into the account is suddenly increased, because the remaining capital in the account is lower, and the exposure computed with the same mounts of open trades is compared with a match lower capital. When SuperCont detects an important capital exposure change, it will try to correct that change by countermeasures made in the next few days. The higher is the withdraw made, the longer is the adaptation time period. Please note that any user will respond for capital losses in the special cases when a capital withdrawal modifies the capital efficiency over the maximal risk allowed for that account. For example, if into a 1000000 USD account the active capital exposure is 30%, after a 500000 USD withdrawal, reported at the new capital, the same amount of open trades will represent 60% of the remaining capital, a percentage match higher than the normal values presented at 14th point above. In this case, the SuperCont system will not have enough capital to recover the current capital exposure, a fatal error message will be generated as a result of a misfit capital withdraw made by the client, and the SuperCont service will be stopped for that account. In these special cases, any loss produced into the client's account is, by contract, the client's responsibility and the SuperCont operation can not continue to recover that loss. To avoid these cases, the client can make multiple small capital withdrawals or can ask for a SuperCont service interruption before a large withdraw.

The SuperCont capital efficiency is also impacted by the time delay of the brokerage server response. Any brokerage server has a limited request number that can execute for a capital account. SuperCont make usually at least one request per second. If the client uses different other software products to follow the activity in his account, he will consume also from the brokerage server capacity. In periods with large market volatility, when SuperCont tries to close profitable trades, if the brokerage server does not respond, SuperCont will record significant delays for marking the profits. In this way, the capital efficiency in that account will be significantly lower than the nominal one. We recommend for each user to follow the SuperCont efficiency and activity using exclusively the SuperCont interface, not other software products, that are not optimized for our purpose. As a significant example, a capital account with a brokerage server time delay of over 1-second records each month a profit lower with 1.2% to 1.6% of the current capital. As information, the total time delay of the SuperCont system between a market price is changed and received in the system and the time when a market order arrived in the brokerage system is between 30 and 180 milliseconds. With these values, a large time delay is easily reported by SuperCont as a capital efficiency decrease cause. With all of these, a condition for SuperCont to make the best investment signals and to generate the optimal capital efficiency is the client not to use any external software to access the brokerage servers and to follow the SuperCont results using exclusively the SuperCont online real-time interface.

16. SuperCont service invoices

The SuperCont service cost is usually equal to half of the realized profit by the client in each account. If in a period of time, the client is not making profit into an account, the service cost of using SuperCont in that period is zero; the client has nothing to pay for SuperCont operation if he does not make a profit in a specific period. Depending on the client's jurisdiction and tax profile, or depending on different negotiations between Algorithm Invest or one of its subsidiaries and the contracted client, the sharing part of the profit that the clients have to pay for the SuperCont operation in the profitable periods can be different of 50%. The SuperCont rental services are invoiced at the 1st of each calendar month for all services delivered in the prior month, for all accounts with a current capital lower than 1000000 USD, Euro, or GBP. For the accounts with capital higher or equal to 1000000 USD, Euro, or GBP, the SuperCont services are invoiced each Sunday, for the rental services delivered in the week that is closing on that Sunday. All SuperCont invoices are generated automatically by the SuperCont system and are sent by email to each client. All invoices emitted to a client are included in a scount table accessible by each client in the main menu, at the "SuperCont service invoice" option. A paid invoice will appear marked as paid in the scount table, for fast and clear information of each client.

The beneficiary confirms the capital balance written on the invoice and the services received by paying the invoice. If the invoice includes something wrong, the beneficiary has the right not to pay the invoice and will communicate with the provider to solve the issue. A paid invoice represent, by the current terms and conditions, the confirmation that the invoice is right and the beneficiary has received the software rental services according to the software rental contract, on the period invoiced. Each invoice will be paid in the bank account written in the invoice, with no exception. Each invoice has a calendar 10 days payment period. The client must pay the invoice in this 10 days period, and the money has to be into Algorithm Invest account at the latest in the 11th days before the invoice is emitted and communicated to the client. If the client delays paying an invoice more than 10 days, the SuperCont system will make the client's account status as to be in "waiting for payment" status, and will no longer send new investment signals to that account. If the client will delay the invoice payment for 20 days or more, the entire SuperCont service will be suspended for the respective account. In this case, all SuperCont services delivered meanwhile will be also invoiced to the client, and the SuperCont activity can be restored only if all invoices emitted to the client will be paid. After the 30 days of delay, Algorithm Invest as the service supplier will cancel the client's contract and will ask for the client's payment in court. Through these terms and conditions, Cristian Păuna, the author and administrator of the SuperCont system, reserves its right to disconnect from the system any user of any contract if the invoice payment delays are oft and the client behavior is a non-professional one.

17. SuperCont recorded data

For a normal operation in correspondence with the client's capital account, the SuperCont system records in its own database the following information: client's name, client's address, personal numerical code (tax identification number), email address, telephone number, client's account number, trading password, brokerage server address, IP for client's access, current capital value, capital value at the end of each day, assigned risk level, current exposure level, exposure level at the end of each day, total deposited capital, total withdrawn capital, capital value at last issue invoices, the value of the realized profit, the value of the average daily profit, and all the SuperCont service invoices issued to the client during the entire contract. SuperCont is not recording capital evolution reports or detailed activity reports from the beneficiary account. SuperCont is sending investment signals into the account, what the clients make with all these signals is the client's choice, and the brokerage company will be the one part that will record the client's activity in each account. The account statements are emitted by the brokerage company which manages the beneficiary account. SuperCont system is not receiving and recording capital reports from the brokerage system, and SuperCont has no access to the brokerage detailed data held by the brokerage company, except the data described above.

18. SuperCont major force

Algorithm Invest is not responsible for the good performance of the SuperCont rental service contract in cases of major force. Force majeure conditions are circumstances that arise after the contract is signed, unforeseen, unavoidable, and which do not depend on the will of Algorithm Invest such as floods, fires, earthquakes or other natural disasters, wars, disease, pandemic, death. Also, cases of major force are considered all the events of power interruption or Internet communication lines interruption, connections through which data connections are made between the SuperCont system and the brokerage informatics systems. Also, cases of force major are considered significant functional deficiencies of the SuperCont informatics system or of the brokerage informatics systems due to cyber-attacks, or any other unforeseen events that can block the smooth functioning of the information systems and data connection involved in the activity. Also, cases of major force are considered the cases of unannounced suspension of the trading transactions on the stock exchange, due to any reason that is independent of Algorithm Invest will. In all major force cases, the SuperCont system will conclude at the normal functionality as soon as possible.

19. SuperCont cancelation

The SuperCont rental service contract can be terminated at any time, for any reason by any parties, without the obligation to present in any way the reason for termination. The parties keep the contract active only if they are satisfy by the results. Termination of the contract does not exclude payment obligations established between the parties during the contract. Unilateral termination of the contract will be sent in writing or by email to the other party and will take effect once the other party confirms receipt of the notification. If within a period of 30 calendar days, the client has no capital account added in SuperCont, with the minimum capital amount defined by these terms and conditions, the SuperCont rental service contract will be canceled by default, and the clien's access in the SuperCOnt informatics system will be also canceled. If the client changes and does not communicate the trading password of a capital account to the provider within a period of 30 calendar days, without to ask that account to be removed from SuperCont database, the SuperCont rental services contract is canceled by default, and the lcient's access at the SuperCont system will be also canceled.

20. SuperCont author's note

I work daily at SuperCont since 13 April 1998. This is my home, and because I have invited you to my home, I expect you to behave nicely and to respect this work. All of these are my home's rules, and if someone does not agree with one of these rules, he is asked to go out. In so many years, the SuperCont system became a business collectivity, and my job is to protect and ensure the normal and legal system functionality. SuperCont is today the most powerful automated investment software system in the world. Using dependable advanced artificial intelligence procedures, SuperCont can find the best opportunities to make a profit directly into any investor's accounts. I invite everyone to test SuperCont. It will change your perception about the money and numbers.

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